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To Request Academic Documents


The academic documents that the university may issue include:
1. Records for students or those waiting for graduation approval
- Studentship certification (in Thai and English);
- Potential graduation transcript (in Thai and English), with grades for all courses taken;
- Graduation certification (in Thai and English; approved by the Academic Council but to be approved by the university’s Board of Trustees); and
- Academic transcript (in English, and a Thai version if needed).
2. Records for graduates
- Degree certification (in Thai and English); and
- Academic transcript (in English, and a Thai version if needed).
3. Records for those who have dropped out or those whose studentship has been terminated
- Academic transcript (in English, and a Thai version if needed).
To request academic documents, follow the steps below.
1. Obtain an ‘Academic Document Request’ from the Registration Division, or download it from .
2. Submit the completed request to the Registration Division and pay a fee of THB 100 per document.
3. Within next days, contact Registration Division to receive the requested document(s).  In an urgent case, please inform the Registration Division.
4. If you cannot receive the requested document(s) in person, you may do any of the following.
4.1 Authorise a person to receive the document(s) on your behalf, by presenting a certified copy of your national ID card or student ID card.
4.2 Request that the document(s) be sent by post and pay a request fee.  (See Mae Fah Luang University Notification on Fee for Posting Academic Documents, BE 2555 (2012).)

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