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     Master of Science Program in Cosmetic Science


Programmes : Master of Science Programme in Cosmetic Science
Total Credits Required: 36 •    Plan A1: Thesis (36 Credits)
•    Plan A2: Coursework (24 Credits) and Thesis (12 Credits)
•    Plan B: Coursework (31 Credits) and Independent Study (5 Credits)


This programme primarily aims at creating graduates who possess  in-depth knowledge of cosmetic science, as well as skills in doing related research and developing products that meet the cosmetic industry’s demand.

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

1.    Knowledge and ability to systematically conduct cosmetic science research;
2.    Skills in developing cosmetic products;
3.    Ability to apply cosmetic science to related disciplines; and
4.    Abidance by professional ethics and moral principles.

Cosmetic Formulation 1, Cosmetic Formulation 2, Cosmetic Laws and Regulations, Research Methodology, Statistics for Research, Seminar 1, Seminar 2, Cosmetic Product Evaluation, Advanced Biotechnology in Cosmetics Science, Cell Culture for Cosmetics, Advanced Delivery System for Cosmetics, Cosmetic Microbiology, Cosmetic Active Analysis, Cosmetic Production Technology, Herbs for Health and Beauty, Advanced Polymer in Cosmetics, Toxicology and Safety of Cosmetic Products, Advanced Cosmetic Science for Skin, Advanced Cosmetic Science for Color and Make-up, Advanced Cosmetic Science for Hair and Nail, Advanced Aromatic Science
  • Plan A1, A2, B:
    - 71,500 Baht per semester
    - 286,000 Baht per programme
Master of Science Program in Cosmetic Science Plan A 1  PROGRAM IN STRUCTOR   
Master of Science Program in Cosmetic Science Plan A 2  PROGRAM IN STRUCTOR   
Master of Science Program in Cosmetic Science Plan B PROGRAM IN STRUCTOR
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