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     Master of Science Program in Public Health


Programmes : Master of Science Programme in Public Health
Total Credits Required: 36-39 •    Plan A1: Thesis (36 Credits)
•    Plan A2: Coursework (27 Credits) and Thesis (12 Credits)
•    Plan B: Coursework (33 Credits) and Independent Study (6 Credits)


This programme’s principal goal is to create graduates who abide by  the ethics of the public health profession and possess profound knowledge of the science of public health, and efficiently and effectively integrate it with related fields.  In addition, the graduates are expected to be able to conduct research and apply its outcomes to creating health innovations and addressing health problems. The graduates are also expected to possess team-working skills that lead to effective cooperation with every stakeholder, which ultimately creates better quality of life for people.

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

1.    Adherence to integrity and the ethics of the public health profession;
2.    Skills in analysing problems and situations, identifying causes of public health problems, synthesising possible approaches to solving such problems, and planning solutions to public health problems, at local, national and international levels;
3.    Critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as the ability to produce academic works and conduct research related to public health, to propose systematic solutions to complicated public health problems;

4.    Team-working ability, both as leaders and members, with strong human relations skills and readiness to properly cooperate with any stakeholder; and

5.    Communicative competence, and the ability to use appropriate and up-to-date information technology to produce and publish academic works in compliance with international standards.

New Concepts of Public Health, Epidemiology and Disease Control, Research Methodology and Biostatistics in Public Health, Health Services Organization and Management, New Concepts of Health Promotion, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management
  • Plan A1, A2, B:
    - 52,000 Baht per semester
    - 208,000 Baht per programme


    Master of Science Program in Public Health Plan A 1  PROGRAM STRUCTURE      STUDY PLAN
    Master of Science Program in Public Health Plan A 2 (Health Management)  PROGRAM STRUCTURE      STUDY PLAN
    Master of Science Program in Public Health Plan B (Health Management)  PROGRAM STRUCTURE      STUDY PLAN


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