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FAQ - Research Presentation or Publication Grants

A :  1. National conference or journal: no more than THB 5,000

      2. International conference or journal: no more than THB 10,000


A : When the student has qualifications as follows,

    1. Being a graduate student in any programme that requires a thesis or a dissertation.

    2. Studying in the required study plan, not being tuition-overdue, and not being in an extended study period.


A : The student can apply only once per grant type, not exceeding the maximum rate.


A 1. Application form DGC02 from GRAD MIS

      2. Three copies of the grant contract agreement, completely filled out

      3. Receipt, completely filled out

      4. One certified true copy of the applicant’s ID card or passport

      5. Money deposit request

      6. One certified true copy of the first page of the applicant’s account passbook             

Note: The forms for items 1 – 3 can be downloaded from


A : Before the date of 15th , every month.


A : The student can check the names of successful applicants, via website


A : Within 30 days after announcement of the successful applicants, and the money will be notified via the student’s e-mail address.


A : The student do not have to send any receipt to the Office of Postgraduate Studies. But, to maintain financial transparency, the student and supervisor shall keep an account of all withdrawals and payments, together with proof thereof, for further inspection in case of an auditing request by any organization, whether inside or outside Mae Fah Luang University.


A : Requirements for a  student who receives the grant funding:

     1. The publication of part or all of the thesis or dissertation must bear the student’s name as the first author.

     2. The publication of part or all of the thesis or dissertation must bear the supervisor’s name as the corresponding author.

     3. Proportion of the student’s collaboration in the published work shall be 50 percent or higher.

     4. The student shall indicate in the Acknowledgments that he/she receives funding for publication/presentation from Mae Fah Luang University (Publication and complete thesis/dissertation).

    The Office of the Postgraduate Studies, will review all 4 requirements when the student files for graduation.


A : If the granted student failed to comply with requirements, the university would  exercise the rights to reclaim the entire allocated portion of the grant and, if necessary, to delay the student’s graduation until such failure is completely rectified.



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